Dreams Of Space Is A Great Blog! You Must Visit This Nostalgic Collection.

by Daniel Russ on February 16, 2012

These childrens books from the carry some great art about space travel

Cover Of Children's Book On Space Travel


This Space Ship on the Moon is art froma  childrens book on Space Travel

Childrens Book Art Of Space Travel


Dreams of space is a great blog about space travel art

Space Travel art from a childrens book


Childrens books in the lat half of the 20th century featured space art

Space Travel Art in A Children's Book


Space Ship art from a childrens book


“A simple book covering all aspect of space travel including history, physics, U.S. and Russian space efforts, building a space station, manned exploration of the Moon, and exploration of the planets. It has wonderful paintings of all these things devoting a page or two to each topic. “A Maxton Book about” series. See 1960 update and 1963 UK Reprint.”

Source: Dreamsofspaceblog.




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Louis September 12, 2017 at 2:55 am

Interesting to see that in the picture with the three guys (alwyas guys by the way, apparantly girls were not interested, or interesting, enough for space travel) one of them is weightless, as is the book over the desk, but the two guys apparently have their own gravity field, as they just stand there, getting one of them in a space suit.

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