The MIG-105, The Soviet Union’s First Exoatmospheric Experimental Vehicle.

by Daniel Russ on April 14, 2012

The MIG 150 Soar



The MIG-105 was an experimental low speed outer atmospheric orbital vehicle developed in he Soviet Union in 1976. The idea was that this plane would be launched not from the ground, but from the back of a large hypersonic extra-atmospheric vehicle built by Tupelov that would resemble the Tu-144. Many considered this to be a copy of the US built X-20 DynaSoar. The Soviets called it the “Shoe” because it looked a lot like one.


This plane never launched. Several smaller exact scale aircraft did in fact fly, many of them that worked very well. On re-entry the wings reconfigured upwards into vertical stabilizers. The Soviet Union crumbled but not before the Soviets built the Buran which was a direct copy of the Space Shuttle.


The MIG 105 Soar



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