America’s First Submarine Was Invented During The Revolutionary War.

by Daniel Russ on February 17, 2012

The Turtle, America's first submarine

The Turtle


The Turtle was the first submarine invente din America

The Turtle


Early Submarine Design And Development In The 18th Century.


Lenoardo Davinci sketched his idea for a submersible vehicle in the 16th century. He was of course a major visionary and his vision came to life when Cornelius Drebbel built a prototype that rode around under the waves of the Thames for almost three hours.

Early experimental submarines were almost all weapon systems designed to deliver some explosive package to the hull of a docked warship. Almost all of them were constructed of shaped wood, leather soaked in linseed oil, corkscrew propellers of oars that extended from the fuselage into the surrounding depths. Most of them were powered by a hand crank. The problem with early submarines wasn’t really submersible itself. Most of them worked pretty well. The problem with early submarines was the delivering the armament, which was mostly an explosive device with gunpowder that had to be kept dry during use.

During the Revolutionary War, inventor David Bushnell invented the Turtle, a one-man submarine that almost succeeded in an attempt to sink a British ship HMS Cerberus in Niantic Bay. A frigate spotted the Turtle and sank it.

The Turtle was the first submarine to use ballast to regulate depth.


Inventor David Bushnell created the Turtle, America's first submarine.

Inventor David Bushnell


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