FP-45 Liberator. We Made 1,000,000 Of These And Then Scrapped Them.

by Daniel Russ on January 18, 2012

The Liberator was made for insurgents, and fired a .45 cal round

The FP-45 Liberator


Inland Guide Lamp Manufacturing Division of General Motors hired 300 people and in 6 months manufacturer 1,000,000 of these stamped metal single shot .45 cal handguns. Primitive and close range, the FP-45 Liberator were an attempt to create a gun that could be dropped en masse behind enemy lines and give resistance groups a fighting chance. It was nicknamed the “Woolworth gun”. The OSS saw little hope in this and most of these were scrapped. The Chinese received a number of them but no word on how that went.
The FP 45 Liberator was amde for insurgents

The FP-45 Liberator instruction manual


The FP-45 Liberator was made to be dropped behind German lines to arm resistance fighters

FP-45 Instructions



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