1956 Was The Type of Year That Scared Everyone.

by Daniel Russ on January 29, 2012

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1956 was the sort of year that scares people to their core. Not just evangelicals or conspiracy theorists, or preachers or scientists. 1956 is the kind of year that scares everyone. The seeds of the world today were planted in 1956 in ways we have rarely paid attention to.



Morocco Pulled away from Spain.



The French are forced out of Algiers.



It can be started anywhere in the timeline, subtle things at the back of the news papers belie the gravity of a situation. Obviously the biggest game in town is the Cold War. Essentially a nuclear and masculine United States staring down a nuclear and masculine USSR, both victors in the war against Germany. The US is hoping to convince Soviet client states to revolt. Maybe what followed is an intelligence operation to contrive some sort of internal struggle in hopes of bringing down Russia. Maybe not. But Polish workers in Poznan violently revolted and demanded better working conditions in industrial tool factories. It was violently and promptly put down.



Not too much longer after that Hungarians revolted against Russian authority and Russian army units deployed inside Hungary often just switched sides and championed the shibboleths of the resistance. So the resistance appeared to have won by default. Most of the population and most of the military occupation sided with the students in the streets.



Yuri Andropov led the cause and directed the counter insurgency operation that the Russian  Army malevolently prosecuted against locals. 2500 Hungarian civilians lost their lives and 13000 were wounded. Over 700 Soviets were killed as well. But the revolution had been effectively smashed and silenced.



In the Mideast, Gamal Abdul Nasser decided that the Suez Canal was his. The French and the British and the Israelis said, not so fast. A series of lightning military moves put French shock troops on the ground that took Port Said from a determined, and well trained enemy. British paratroopers now joined the fight as the capture of the canal was completed. Nasser sank the last dozen ships in the canals to block them, but the Brits and French took possession of the canal regardless. Israel secures its first access to the Red Sea in decades in a foray into the Sinai dessert.



French troops were especially fired up. They were seeking vicarious revenge on Arab National after another embarrassing loss on the world stage, first at when Algerians, after an eight year struggle, successfully shed themselves of the French and declared themselves an independent state. This was painfully close to a time only a few years earlier when French influence in Indochina took it on the nose in a place called Diem Bien Phu.



Anti government riots broke out in Rome. It’s students versus the Police in Italy.



Fidel Castro appears in Cuba.



Yugoslavia a former prime minister was jailed for insulting Marshall Tito.



Eisenhower wons the Presidency.



Israel and Austria formalized diplomatic relations.



Pakistan became the first Islamic Republic.



Khrushchev attacked what he termed “the Stalin Cult of Personality”.


Fidel castro, Communist leader of Cuba FIDEL CASTRO


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