The Bonney Gull.

by Daniel Russ on January 28, 2012

The Bonney Gull, created by Leonard Warden Bonney

The Bonney Gull


Leonard Warden Bonney was a stubborn man. I guess it could be said that few things worth note have ever been created that were not otherwisee attached to a fairly healthy ego. Desite the scientific evidence to the contrary, Bonney was certain that actual flight would be best accomplished reprising what we see in nature. He therefore created the Bonney Gull and on May 4th, 1928 he tried to fly it. The gull like wings supposedly had subtle command setting that made differences in drag and wind direction possible. Whatever it was supposed to do, it did not do anything well. It crashed and killed Bonney along with it.



The Bonney Gull right after it crashed

The Bonney Gull

Source: Wiki,, The World’s Worst Aircraft, Jim Winchester, Barnes and Noble, 2005.




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