The De Bruyere C1.

The De Bruyere C1 Had a Radical design
The De Bruyere C1


In many ways the invention of its designer, Marcel de Bruyere, the De Bruyere C1 is a preview things to come in the future of air combat. I think about the A-10: engines in the back, radical design, unimpeded cradle for a gun in the front. Heavy gun made for anti armor role. In the case of the C1, it was designed for the short-barreled Hotchkiss M1902 37mm cannon. It was a single shot cannon that fired a one and a half inch explosive shell that would be devastating to anything in the air it hit or to anything on the ground.


The C1 had a radical pusher propeller design and a canard set forward of a biplane configuration. The power-plant was a 150-horsepower Hispano-Suiza 8a. The nose of the plane bent downwards and so gave engineers the idea to install windows in the bottom of the forward fuselage so the pilot could see the ground.


On its maiden flight, it took to the air flipped over and crashed. The pilot survived. Not the program.




The De Bruyere C! crashed on it maiden flight
The De Bruyere C1

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