A Military Christmas Story: The Egg-Nog Riot.

by Daniel Russ on December 25, 2011

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As students are wont to do, some students at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York were planning to smuggle whiskey into campus. The idea was to create a few offline spiked egg-nog parties and escape the notice of supervisors.


The Grog Mutiny as it is often called followed a confused and drunk affair where the students of the South Barracks discovered plans of the students of the North Barracks to bring whiskey to the school and so exposed the plan. Once authorities confronted the parties involved, there was a goo deal of resistance. The bust began in the early hours of Christmas Eve 1826 and resulted in a revolt, many combatants understandably inebriated, and subsequent violence by one third of the student body. Seventy cadets were implicated and nineteen court martialed.


Jefferson Davis was among the implicated.


Jefferson Davis CSA President

Jefferson Davis



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