Former B-29 Pilot Sees Rocket Shaped UFO.

by Daniel Russ on December 24, 2011

B-29 Superfortress

Eastern Airlines Pilot C.S. Chiles graduated from flying B-29s to simpler, smaller, easier to fly aircraft: DC-3. It was July 3rd, 1948, World War II careening off into the past, now the airline pilot is flying this bus after over 8000 hour of flying for military transport operations. He is left Houston and headed to Boston when at 2:45 AM, the DC-3 was twenty miles outside of Montgomery, Alabama when a rocket shaped aircraft, spewing hot gas out the back raced up along side his plane, veering at the last second so as not to hit the plane.


Chiles said the craft was “about 100 feet long, cigar shaped, and wingless. It was twice the diameter of the B-29.” He also described it as it flew by. It was double decked, with two rows of windows. On the nose it looked like had a radar pole.


“It pulled up into the sky and it’s jet wash rocked our plane,” he added.


A few days later a similar craft was sighted over the Hague.


The DC-3 Airliner



Source: Flying Saucers: Top Secret. Major Donald Keyhoe. G. P. Putnam and Sons 1960.


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