The UFOs That Spooked Minot Air Force Base.

B-52H at Minot Air Base, part of the 91st Bomber Wing
B-52H at Minot


For years the official and most recognizable organization that studied and catalogued UFO sightings was NICAP, or the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomenon. NICAP as closed down in the early seventies as subterfuge by government operatives sought to discredit the entire UFO phenomenon. But for a long time, NICAP was the group that went before Congress and testified when UFOs were flying with increasing frequency over cities and especially airbases.


Minot, South Dakota in the mid 1950s became the first major ADC or Air Defense Command. This was a place where B-52 Bombers and B-47s would carry nukes in the air on rotation 24 hours a day, ready to pounce upon the Soviet Union or Communist China. Our nuclear missile strike forces was administered in three delivery systems called the Nuclear Triad. The first were ground bases missiles, silos as it were. These were hardened underground silos where complex long distance missiles tipped with nuclear warheads stood upright on launch pads ready to hit targets predesignated and protected by complex launch codes. The second delivery system was the nuclear powered attack submarine, notably submarines that carried the Polaris missile that could be launched at enemy cities from most anywhere in the seven seas. The last arm of this was SAC or Strategic Air Command. These were jet bombers stood at the ready to bring nukes up high into the air over targets and drop them and hopefully outrun the back blast.


In 1992 SAC was closed down because carrying nukes in the air was inexpedient. Cruise missiles could carry nukes much further and with less chance to kill a pilot and crew. Minot became the headquarters of the 5th Bomber Wing, and the 91st Missile Wing.


Here is report of a significant UFO sighting over Minot, and it had many. This is from NICAP’s records:


On March 5, 1967, Air Defense Command radar tracked an unidentified target descending over the Minuteman missile silos of the 91st Strategic Missile Wing at Minot AFB, ND. Base security teams quickly converged on the area and saw a metallic, disc-shaped craft ringed with bright, flashing lights moving slowly. The disc stopped and hovered about 500 feet (150 meters) off the ground, as security police held their fire and watched in awe. Suddenly the object began moving again and circled directly over the launch control facility.

F-106 fighter-interceptors were standing by on the flight line, waiting impatiently for an order from NORAD to scramble. When the  order was not fortthcoming, base operations decided on their own to scramble the interceptors. At that moment the UFO climbed straight up and streaked away at incredible speed.

Ray Fowler:

Another civilian representative assigned to Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota, told me that an Air Force major friend of his got a good close look at a completely unconventional craft maneuvering in the area between the air base and missile site. As he got out of his car and approached it, it took off at tremendous speed. Superiors ordered him not to talk about the incident.

On March 5, 1967, just 15 days prior to the Malmstrom AFB incident, the 91St Strategic Missile Wing at a sister base also had an unwelcome visitor. Aerospace Defense Command radar tracked an unknown target descending over the Minuteman missile installations at Minot AFB, North Dakota. Strike teams were alerted and sighted a metallic disc- shaped craft ringed with bright flashing lights moving slowly over the supersensitive area.

Three armed teams in fast trucks pursued the alien vehicle as it maneuvered and finally stopped and hovered 500 feet off the ground. The strike teams held their fire. They had orders to capture it undamaged if it should land. Then abruptly it began moving once again and circling directly over a launch control facility.

Back at Minot, F-106 fighter planes were awaiting orders from the North American Air Defense Command to launch an attack. Base operations became impatient and had just decided to scramble the jets without confirmation. Suddenly the UFO climbed straight up and streaked away at incredible speed.



UFOs often visited US nuclear bases
UFO Over Minot AFB



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  1. You seem to have a level headed view of the UFO phenomenon. You might be interested in a website that goes into extensive detail on the Minot AFB case. The author of this site spent 10 years putting all this information together. The site is at:

    You might also be interested in a book just released that documents the history of the modern UFO phenomenon beginning with the foo fighters of WW-2. This book is based on primary documents and references all the statements made. It includes quotes from General Charles Cabell, General John Samford, Directors of the CIA, and many other documented sources. The book is called UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry. It can be found on Amazon. It was just published in July of this year.

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