Strange Massive Chinese Graphics In The Gobi Desert.

by Daniel Russ on January 21, 2012

Not long ago, people began noticing large rhomboid zigzag patterns in the Gobi desert.

Strange Grids appear in the Gobi Desert


A few years ago, cartographers and readers of Gizmodo searching through Google Earth began noticing large grids of zig sagging lines appear in the Gobi desert. In Dunhuang, Jiuquan, Gansu, and north of the Shule River, you can see what look like artwork, or QR codes. The lines are 65 to 90 feet wide, and appear to be painted, not filled with white sand. The rhomboid grids are about a mile and half across and three quarters of a mile wide.


Experts say they might be calibration areas for spy satellites. I am not certain why a spy satellite could not just calibrate its recording and observation platforms against an island of the Great Wall of China. The cool thing about this phenomenon is that you don’t have to have a spy satellite to see it or listen to a midnight talk discussing conspiracies. In fact all you have to have is Google Earth.


Gizmodo reported a few weeks ago that someone has ordered thousands of images of the grids, and that was not a cheap proposition.




Source: Gizmodo


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