The First Parasite Plane Concept.

by Daniel Russ on December 11, 2011

Parasite planes

The Felixstowe Porta Baby topped with a Bristol Scout


The Felixstowe Porte baby was a massive flying boat built specifically to be an airborne aircraft carrier. It featured a huge Rolls Royce engine at the nose, its dimensions were appropriately bug. It was 25 feet tall, was 63 feet long and boasted a wingspan of 124 feet. It could climb to 8,000 feet and flew at 76 knots. In 1916 one of these boats flew aloft carrying a Bristol Scout.


This parasite plane was the first of many attempts to launch aircraft off of other aircraft in what aviation called parasite planes. The Bristol Scout was originally built to race. It was single engine single seat biplane. Once it launched off of the Porta Boat, it had to return to a fixed ground based landing strip.


Eventually faster bombers, bombers bristling with machine guns and in air refueling made parasite planes unnecessary.


Bristol Scout reconnaissance plane

The Bristol Scout


Source: Wikipedia


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