Marshall Tito’s Eagle

by Daniel Russ on August 27, 2009

The Former Yugoslavia's Indigenous Fighter Bomber, the J-22 Orao ( Eagle) The Former Yugoslavia’s Indigenous Fighter Bomber, the J-22 Orao ( Eagle)


In the early 1980s, Romania and Yugoslavia decided to replace the J-21 Jastreb fighter bomber with an improved aircraft. It also replaced the F-84 Thunderjet which had been in use in Yugoslavian since the sixties. Dr. Engineer Teodor Zanfirescu of Romania and Colonel Vidoje Knezević of Yugoslavia formed YuRom, later SOKO, and built the twin engine fighter bomber. It was armed with two 23mm guns and carried a good mix of ordinance.

The subsonic fighter bomber was used against the Croatians in the early 90s when Marshall Tito died and Milosevicand Mladic’s tyrannical rule destroyed what was left of Yugoslavia. It also made low level bombing runs against civilian targets in Kosovo

A few were shot down by Croatian forces during the Yugoslavian conflict and many were destroyed by a NATO bomb that penetrated a hangar housing them.

Sixteen of these still fly, none in active military service

Sources:Gunston, Bill. The Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes: The Development and Specifications of All Active Military Aircraft. New York: MetroBooks, 1995.



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Alex March 18, 2011 at 11:54 pm

These Aircraft were used by the Yugoslav Air Force, and were used against Croat terrorists and muslim fanatics in Bosnia during 90’s wars. Excellent aircraft very capable but dated unfortunately. A new aircraft design was made to start mass production after 1990’s but due to war it was scrapped. This aircraft was on par with Gripenn. For the person who wrote that Milosevic and Mladic destoryed Yugoslavia, well sir you should learn your history Yugoslavia was destroyed by croat and muslim fanatics. Milosevic fought to keep the country togheter. It is sad to see morons writing such rubbish.

Alex March 19, 2011 at 12:00 am

The only civilian targets that were murdered by planes in Kosovo was the refugee column of albanians who were fleeing NATO bombing. They were hit by NATO planes as the pilots have identified them as “serbian tanks”. A difference between a tractor and a tank is clear to a 5 year old. Shows what inelligence NATO operatives have. Second no planes were used to bomb albanians from the Serbian side. KLA terrorists were eliminated by special forces action in Kosovo.

Daniel Russ March 19, 2011 at 7:07 am

Let me correct you. Yugoslavia was a country held together by a Marshall Tito under the larger umbrella of Soviet rule. Many of the ethnic minorities did not want to be a part of the country from the beginning. As the Soviet Union crumbled, and Tito died, ethnic Croats wanted out and wanted to live under their own rule, just as a dozen other ethic groups like the Uzbeks and Khazahks wanted to have their own country.

What’s wrong with that? Were the American revolutionaries fanatics because they didn’t cast their lot with a king who live across the ocean? No, they wanted to be free, just like the Croats wanted to be free.

Your use of the “Muslim fanatics” just gives you away as the bigot you are. Milosevic was a war criminal who sent his drunken right wing nationalist thugs to kill and torture Kosovo citizens and Croats because they didn’t want to live under another white authoritarian old man.

Who gives a shit if they were Muslims?

Did NATO bomb some wrong targets? Yes. But at the end of the day, NATO drove the Serbians back into their own country and what NATO didn’t finish, the Croatian Army did by thoroughly beating the shit out of the Serbians.

The Serbians, who recreated concentration camps in the early nineties, and utterly ruined a once gorgeous Sarajevo can now smoke their Royal Serbians until their are in their graves. They lost, plain and simple and anyone with a three digit IQ or any sense at all is glad that Serbians were put in their place.

Thank you for visiting the site. If you don’t like facts, you can always go read Free Republic or Fox News where they make up everything and live in their heads like you do.

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