The Plane That Helped Build Israel.

The Sud Ouest Vautour  was a French made Fighter Bomber
The Sud Ouest Vautour Fighter Bomber


Maligned by the French for its underpowered engines, the Israelis bought 31 Vautours and respected its range and versatility as a strike aircraft. Built in the mid 50s the Vautour was typical of the sort of generic fighter/bomber being built around the world. Israel was the only nation other than France to buy the Vautour and the French only used about 300 of them. It saw plenty of action in the Six Day War and during the three year War of Attrition between Egypt and Israel.

Armed with four 30mm guns, this Mach 1 aircraft scored no air to air kills but was used as a workhorse until Israel chose the Grumman A-4 Skyhawk as its replacement. The engines were so underpowered, Israeli pilot could selectively turn two of the guns off, because all four firing at the same time produced enough counter force to cause engine stalls.



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