Nidar Singh, The Last Master Of Shastar Vidya, Arcane Sikh Martial Art.

by Daniel Russ on December 29, 2011


Dying Martial Art

Nidar Singh, last Living Master Of Shastar Vidya


Nidar Singh, a 44-year was a factory worker from the British Midlands, who worked in the food packing division of Wolvertonehampton. Singh is a father of four and a husband. What makes Singh so amazing is that he is the very last master of a martial art indigenous to India and born in the culture of the Sikhs. Shastar Vidya is a martial art created in the 17th century.



“I’ve travelled all over India and I have spoken to many elders, this is basically a last-ditch attempt to flush someone out because if I die with it, it is all gone,” said Singh.


You see, Nidar Singh was a wrestler as kid and met Baba Mohinder Singh who taught him Shastar Vidya. Nidar became Baba’s prize student and eventually he became the master of the Shastar Vidya. Nidar has found no one in India who is willing to put the time and dedication to take over. Nidar spent over a decade on his aunt’s farm and trained hard all that time.


Nidar would be ecstatic just to find someone willing to put into the art, but so far hasn’t Singh also received death threat from people who oppose the Nihang sect he represents in Sikhism. The Nihangs recruited Napoleonic trainers to teach them formalized combat. Yet Nihang became a sort of cult sect and lost the following it once had. It looks as if this art will go away as a remnant martial art in history that failed to move itself along generationally.  Shastar Vidya is often confused for an art that I like to call “Indian Kali” called Gatka. Gatka is a stick and knife fighting art created to oppose the British occupying India.





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