Gunpowder Kills Irony

by Daniel Russ on August 25, 2009

Battle of Changping: Qin defeated Zhao, 260 BC

Battle of Changping: Qin defeated Zhao, 260 BC Normal 0 0 1 103 590 4 1 724 11.1282 0 0 0


Members of the royal court of the Han Dynasty in ancient China had access to the best homeopathic medicines of the day. The Han Emperor sent his physicians to find a way to extend life for people. I guess when you are the Emperor of9 million square miles of territory, or the largest empire in history, you tend to think that you deserve everything life has to give, including more life.

Now you have to ask why people would eat charcoal, or sulfur, or potassium nitrate, but a chance mixture of these in the ratio of 15:3:2 of respectively of potassium nitrate charcoal and sulfur was stumbled upon.

I guess the only way gunpowder extended one’s life, was into the eternal after life.

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