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Daniel Clay Russ, Editor

Daniel Clay Russ, EditorĀ 

Daniel Clay Russ traces his love of military history to his father, Sgt. Marvin Edward Russ who served in the US Army Air Corps during WWII. His brother Harvey was in artillery for a while during Vietnam and later transferred to Signal Corps. His brother Stephan served in the Navy on the USS Wasp and at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station.

For 6 years, Daniel was a creative director working on the USAF account and for 6 years he worked on Allison Gas Turbine Division of GM.



Kenny Sink

Kenny Sink is a famous advertising art director now currently residing in Studley, Virginia. He also an accomplished Civil War relic hunter and an expert on the Civil War.

Steve Miller

Steve is a famous advertising Creative Director who has worked on Southwest Airlines, the US Air Force, and other major accounts. He is a private pilot and an avid military history buff.

Matt McDougall

Matt is a digital marketing expert who has written a history of the Punic Wars. He is a military historian extraordinaire.



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