The 19th Century French 5mm 5 Shot Le Petit Protector Gun Ring Gun With Case And Cleaning Kit.


5mm Round For 5 Shot Ring/Gun Le Petit Protector
5 Shot Ring/Gun Le Petit Protector Cleaning Kit
5mm 5 Shot Ring/Gun Le Petit Protector
5mm 5 Shot Ring/Gun Le Petit Protector

35 thoughts on “The 19th Century French 5mm 5 Shot Le Petit Protector Gun Ring Gun With Case And Cleaning Kit.”

  1. Just saw this ring gun on Pawn Stars. Extremely well crafted and fairly rare. It is a “pin fire” gun. You see a small pin or rod sticking out of the cartridge in the first pic. The hammer – that sort of triangular looking dark piece in pic #2 – would strike against the pin on the cartridge and fire the bullet. The owner wouldn’t settle for less than $8,500 so it didn’t sell.

  2. Yes, these guns work. the big fingernail looking thing, is the hammer on top of the gun. The trigger is the tab looking thing at the bottom of the cylinder. I’m no expert at all. I just saw one on a T.V. show and they explained it.

    Does anyone know where to buy one?

  3. Where’s the 5-shot? The photos show a 6 round cylinder:) Also, where on Earth would you ever be able to procure replacement rounds? Do they even make dyes that small to possibly reload your own?

  4. Who are you trying to fool, and why? The ring gun in the YouTube video is different than the one pictured! The one in the video is a 5 shot, while the one in the pics is a six shooter. Plus the cases have a different color lining. Do just assume that your readers are morons?

  5. Manny,

    You know you got me. I WAS trying to fool you. No one else. Just you. Yes. That’s what my goal is. It’s to study and collect copious amounts of information and write all these essays over years…. just so I could drop in a video and a photo that don’t match and fool you.

    You saw right through me.

    Thanks for visiting the blog.


  6. Manny is a jerk!
    Non-the less this firearm is most fascinating. I wonder if anyone out there makes replicas.

  7. @manny-I don’t believe the OP was trying to fool anyone. Nowhere did he state that the pictured weapon and the weapon in the youtube video were one and the same

    gerald is an expert cuz he seent it on the teevee.

  8. 1) I did not see an episode with the 5mm/5-shot Le Petit.

    2) I did see an episode with the 4mm/6-shot Protector. In that episode, Rick claims it’s the first one he’s seen personally. So if there was another episode featuring the 5-shot Le Petit, it probably came later in the series.

    3) The 6-shot Protector was the one where the seller came in seeking $9k and wouldn’t go lower than $8.5k.

    4) The lining on the case for the 6-shot was green, and the seller had no ammunition.

    5) Apparently the 5mm/5-shot is a modern item, made as an homage to the original. and is not an actual antique.

    6) Apparently you can order ammunition for the 4mm/6-shot, but I haven’t uncovered where just yet.

  9. Would love to have one,nice piece even without the tiny bullets. All info on here is great! Wonder if the guy from the pawn star show with his 6 shooter is going to post it for sale now anywhere?!?!

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  11. Did they make a .44 magnum version? One shot? Now that would be interesting!

    Or a modern version with a laser for a sight. Say using .22 short. I think a rimfire will fire if you strike the rim from the side as well as the back.

  12. Also, I wouldn’t keep the hammer down on a loaded cylinder on a pinfire. That’s stupid dangerous.

    So a six-hole cylinder really is a five-shot in practice.

  13. The one on Pawn Stars is incredibly cool, a single (or two) shot version that used, oh, say, .22 rimfire and had a laser sighting system would be absolutely awesome. Even possible to put the laser as the hub of the cylinder.

    Talk about James freaking Bond…

  14. I actually have one and I would consider selling it for $12,500.00

    This Le Petit Protrector is 5mm – 6 shot ring pistol. I would consider this piece in 96 – 97% condition.

    This comes in original case – appears to be leather. It also has disassembly tool with it.

    Email Address:
    Phone: 573-778-0888
    Please leave message on answering machine

  15. The guy on Pawn Stars was pretty high too on price. I have found them in England, for 2 to 3 thousand pounds.

  16. Guns, They can be found in keys, parts of furniture, canes, writing pens, knives, swords, jewelry, and the ones in front or, back, or the whole belt buckle ones are cool too.

  17. I have listed a Le Petit Protector on

    Check it out.

    Search for:
    French Ring Gun – Le Petit Protector

  18. These firearms were actually made in the 20th century, probably in England. They were made to look like they were made in France in the 19th century. Any body who says they are over a hundred years old is either a liar who is trying to rip you off, or they just bought in to the whole “French made” lie without doing any home work.

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